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Strong team performance in Ronde van Giessenburg, 8th, 10th, 14th and 16th place!

The Marco Polo Cycling Refugee Team had a very strong team performance in Giessenburg, the Netherlands. In the final 6 kilometers Daniel Abraham, Yohanna Tesfay and another rider were going for the podium, however with 500 meters to go the rest of the 15 rider frontgroup caught them and Awet Andemeskel placed 8th and Yohanna 10th.

This is what happened: In the first laps on the windy 3 K circuit in this 90 K race, a frontgroup of around 15 formed with Nahom Desale and a same size chasing group with Daniel Abraham. After the peloton caught up the Marco Polo Cycling riders were active and strong and joined with 3 riders in the 15 rider frontgroup. In the chasing group it was Nahom Desale who defended the break-away. In the final our riders attacked several times, with Daniel and Yohanna almost making the winning move, unfortunately they were caught in the last straight to the finish. With the 8th place of Awet, 10th for Yohanna and 14th place for Daniel as a result. Nahom joined the placings with a strong solo out of the chasing group to finish 16th. Great team racing and results, but a podium placing would have been deserved.